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Kimaly Turner

I am the wife and business partner of Stephen Turner, mother of three and proud grandmother of seven.

 My love for animals goes back as far as I can remember. I grew up in a home filled with animals from the common to the exotic and received my first pig 25 years ago from a farmer as a gift and raised him as an inside outside pig despite his enormous size. He became a very important member of our family and I still miss him dearly. I was introduced to the world of mini pigs in 2012 and spend countless hours trying to learn as much as I can about them and share that knowledge with others in hopes of making it a kinder world for these extortionary animals. I have served on the executive board of the Mini Pig Breeders, Inc. as Secretary and eventually President. I was also a contributor to the American mini pig association (AMPA) After becoming aware of the tremendous need for homes and medical care for mini pigs in my area I decided to put my breeding program on hold and focus on educating others on responsible breeding practices along with the responsibilities of having mini pigs as a part of the family and the need for spay and neuter. I have the privilege of working with a great team at Perfectly Pigs, Inc. and an opportunity to unite responsible breeders, pet owners and rescues in the fight against abandonment, neglect and abuse that we have seen too many times.

Tammie Glammyer

I have always wanted a mini pig. I fell for the "Teacup pig"myth. My son started into 4H as a child. We all learned together, as a family. We did a breeding project for 7 or so years. After he graduated from high school, we had all the pig equipment. It of course had to be used. I purchased my first pig from a breeder on the other side of my state. Pebbles started it all. After I had her home, I wanted more. I then started my research to find my next one. I found a small boar in Texas. We paid through the nose! Had him shipped into Aspen Airport. (They all thought it was a Guinea pig) Then there was Bamm Bamm. 
After getting both of them, I started the learning process of do' s and don't of minis. I have met some amazing people and learned there are a lot of things were not true. My goal now, is to help educate the public and help as many pigs as needed. My passion is pigs. Big or small. I admin several pages on Facebook to help with this goal. I am part of this amazing group to further that goal with like minded people. 
Now, I have 7 pigs and love them all.

Lynn Wagner

Lynn Wagner grew up on a 3rd generation hog and cattle farm outside of St. Louis MO. She was an active member in Scouts and 4-H as a child, with a concentration on the swine and equine programs as well as serving as club treasurer for numerous years. Throughout her adult life she has raised several generations of both Vietnamese Potbelly pigs and what is now known as the American Standard Mini Pig. She has a background and education in finance, real estate, and business management, having owned several small businesses. She currently resides on her micro farm raising her mini pigs, 2 cats, 1 dog. Other hobbies include photography, genealogy, and helping her nieces and nephews with their 4-H projects.

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Julie Romero

I am a wife and mother with a love for all animals.   I have three mini pigs, Bentley who is 6, Emily who will be 5 soon, and Larry who is 2.   We also have dogs, guinea pigs, fish, chickens and a kitten will join us in a few short weeks.  My pigs bring so much joy to our lives, they are amazing. Each of them have such extraordinary personalities, and are so very different..  Bentley is a clown and a love.  He hits the floor in the morning with having fun on his mind, and he excels in that the entire day.  Emily is a Diva with all that word entails.  She is grumpy, she is sweet, she is Emily.  Larry is the baby, and very spoiled.  He is the only one who can still climb the steps up to my very tall bed, and he does, every chance he gets.  Nothing better than snuggling with your own personal heater, I mean your sweet pig.  If he would learn to not nibble on my toes when I move my feet away from his head (they are his pillows) then he would be the best bed buddy.  

 I have volunteered for the last 5+ years in the pig community, doing research, rescues, temporary fostering, and transports when possible.   I enjoy assisting people with information about pigs, because there is so much false information out there.  We have got to do better for these wonderful companion animals.  They deserve every good thing we can do to educate the public on what we all know is the best buddy to ever have!

Jessica Wilson

I am an On-site Manager for a Material Handling Equipment Company.  I am happily married to my soul mate, who had passed away in April.  I am a proud mommy of a 1 beautiful daughter, 2 mini pigs, a dog and a chinchilla.


I got my first pig on a spur of the moment vacation to Texas when I was visiting family.  Back then I thought they would only get to be about 20 pounds max.  Little did I know at that time, that wasn’t the truth.  The girl I got my pig from was very honest, and Leine was a foster pig probably only 10 days old and weighed in at 2lbs(never should have been away from his mom).  He melted my heart when I picked him up and fed him.  Now on the other hand, my husband being the wise guy he always was asked if she had full grown “mini” pigs so that I could see if I could handle taking care of it.  Once I saw them, I knew that I could do this…It couldn’t be hard, right!!!! Boy was I wrong. We had to fly him home from Dallas to Chicago…that was a nightmare, he was treated like livestock loaded in the cargo area of the plane….He was 2 pounds and so small, I feared he would be dead when we landed back home.  At that moment I realized, pigs were misunderstood animals and it was my goal to fight for their rights.


I have a lot of friends who consult me when they want to buy a pig.  I love being able to educate people on them.  They are not the easiest animals to care for or even deal with some days, but the love they give is unconditional.  I had no idea that having a pig would help my anxiety and depression, but that pig gave me a purpose in life and a reason to keep going. He depended on me to take care of him and showed me so much love.


I met the members of Perfectly Pigs in one of the support groups. I knew when I met them that I wanted to part of the organization.  With teamwork we can educate people, help fight abuse and unethical breeders. It is my duty to help educate people before they buy their first mini pig, so it doesn’t end up in foster care or taken for slaughter, because they got too big and the breeder swore it would only be 20lbs for the rest of its life. Education is key.

Mayerling Monteros-García

I live in Temecula, California and own a small family farm and rescue. We rescue all sorts of animals; pigs (large and small), geese, alpacas and chickens. Our gates are always open to animals in need.


I am also a high school teacher and curriculum chair for my school district. I have had the pleasure of being in education for 26 years, and counting. 


I love educating in several capacities; at the farm or at school. The better people are educated the better choices they can make.

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