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  This Charity is organized and operated exclusively to raise money and awareness for educating the public on the responsibilities of exotic pet ownership (while concentrating on mini pigs but not limited to) Help those in need of financial assistance for medical treatment and/or transportation of rescued /rehome miniature Pigs, A request for assistance may be submitted by the person or entity in need of the funds (the "grantee"), All potential grantees must go through a strict vetting process to verify their circumstances and financial need. Once potential grantees are identified, the Charity anticipates conducting one or two charitable campaigns per month. Each such campaign will raise funds to assist the grantee with pre-approved veterinarian expenses, transportation cost of said animal along with educational expenses and, in the process, will also raise awareness of the grantee's cause so that other individuals and entities with similar struggles may benefit from each campaign. Grantees will be selected through a rigorous application, vetting, and selection process described below. a. Application Process An online charitable campaign application must be submitted by or on behalf of each potential grantee, along with all available information that may be used to verify the potential grantee's financial need. All potential grantees must be U.S. citizens and residents and must fall within one of the Charitable Classes.

Once an application is received, the Charity's board of directors will review the application along with all supporting information.  Supporting information requested for individual grantees miniature pigs (or other exotic animal) medical condition or illness may include: • Copy of valid diagnosis from veterinarian. • Copies of veterinarian medical bills. • List of surgeries, rehabilitation • Photographs of the animal in need• Thorough explanation of potential grantee's circumstances and why assistance is required. • Telephone call or site visit with potential grantee. • Telephone call with veterinarian about potential grantee and necessity of procedures. Supporting information requested may include: • Thorough explanation of the individual's circumstances and need for assistance. • List of items needed and cost of each item. • Photographs of the animal before and after. • Telephone call or site visit with potential grantee.  • Once the information is collected it will be submitted to the Charity's board of directors (the "Board") for review and approval.

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